Sunday, April 25, 2010

Charish's Hope

My 8 year old, Hannah, came up with the idea to raise money {by selling bracelets} to help people with heart disease in memory of her Aunt Charish. {You might remember this post.} On Jan. 1 of this year she collapsed due to a heart condition called cardiomyopathy and passed away a few days later. She left behind three young kids and 4 nieces, all of which are understandably heartbroken. I'm so proud of Hannah for finding a way to channel that pain and do something good with it. She hopes that you will enjoy her creations!

Here are the three color options that she has come up with. From left to right, Cotton Candy, Watermelon, and Soccer Mom {she wanted to make one that boys would like too, and since Charish was an avid soccer mom, she decided to use the colors of her boys' soccer teams}.
Each bracelet is $2, and can be made Small {babies up to age 24 months}, Medium {kids 2-abt 11}, or Large {adults and kids 12 +}. We are going to set up a PayPal option for payment, but for now you can just comment to this post with your order and mail her a check {send me a message at for her address}. I will try to get a PayPal account for her up and running soon!! Sorry for the inconvenience!
Thank you for supporting her cause!


  1. So I hope this doesn't overwhelm her, and this isn't a rush order, but I think my nieces and nephews would just LOVE this...especially since they are so fully aware of Evan's heart disease. I'm seeing them all in July for a family reunion, so can I make a bulk order?? I'll send Jeff today with a check:)

    Here goes:)
    2 adult (one watermelon, one soccer mom)
    7 medium (4 cotton candy, 3 soccer mom)
    5 small (3 soccer mom, 2 watermelon)

    ps, would the baby sizes fit 2 year olds or should I order that age in med. size instead?

  2. Oh good, she is "up and running." We will take: 2 adult (one watermelon and one soccer mom)
    1 small (Soccer mom)
    The small is for Packer. He is almost two, but a super skinny kid, so I am guessing that will still work for him for awhile?
    I can put a check in the mail, or we will be at Tag's blessing on Sunday. I could just get the money to you then if you want...just Facebook me and let me know what works best for her!
    This is great! We will see you guys on Sunday.

  3. ok, so here's my ammended order since you said the smalls fit a 2 year old, but mediums do too and are just a bit loose...since my sister's girls are always big and tall for their age...

    2 adults (one waterm, one soccer)
    9 medium (6 cotton candy, 3 soccer)
    3 small (3 soccer mom)\

    I am so excited!!

  4. Yippee, that was a fast start. I'll take one of each in the adult size. Maybe I can get some ordered from up here if I have actual bracelets to show. I can send money with Amber or send a check. Which works best for you? Love you and can't wait to see you. Hey, Hannah can make up a set of bracelets to auction off at the family bar-b-que....everything over her set price could go to the family fund for future reunions....just a thought.

  5. Questions: Have you found a good heart charity to support and is there tax on this order?

  6. Mom, I still have some research to do before we chose a good heart charity. I'm thinking The American Heart Association is a good one, but I want to make sure that most if not all of her donation goes toward research. When we figure it out I will let everyone know. And no, there is no tax to add on. Thanks!!

  7. Well I have a super tiny wrist, so I kind of want a kids one. Do you think that would be too small? And I want watermelon. Thanks!

  8. Go Hannah! I want 2 adults - one watermelon, 1 soccer mom
    3 kids - 1 of each

    Thanks Hannah! (and Lyric :)

  9. Could you also post how to put them on? Or e-mail me. Thanks!

  10. Can we add to the previous order? I'll take one of each in the adult sizes. Thanks!

  11. Put us down for 2 mediums: one Watermelon and one Soccer Mom...for Johanna and Ronan! (I can just bring cash, right?)


  12. Hannah,

    These are beautiful! Your aunt Cherish would be so proud of you! I would love to buy 4 of the soccer mom bracelets in the adult size. Thanks!

    Nicole Hunter

  13. LOVE THEM!!

    Cotton Candy: 1 Med, 1 XL (I have a huge wrist, 8", can I get an XL for an extra buck?)
    Watermelon: 1 Med
    Soccer Mom: 1 Med

    Karen M.

  14. Hi!!!
    1 Cotton Candy... medium
    2 Watermelon...1 medium & 1 large
    1 Soccer Mom...large

    when do I need to mail you a check? Made to who? This is GREAT!!

  15. I will order 1 of each in an Ella size. Whatever size works for Charly will work for Ella I am sure. :) No rush, whenever she has time is great. So proud of her. I will send a check this week.

  16. Hi Lyric and Hannah!
    We would like 2 Watermelon and 2 Soccer Mom. All 4 can be adult sized.

    Great idea Hannah!!

    Love to you both!


  17. Okay here is our order

    1 med cotton candy (this is for Sariah so do you think a med will fit or should I get here a small?)

    1 large watermelon

    1 large soccer mom.

    So proud to know such a great girl. Way to go Hannah !

    The Moores

  18. I want 1 of each, so 3 in total, all in adult.
    Hannah you are so awesome and this is such a fantastic idea! You ROCK!

  19. Hey Lyric,

    I want to order more, but for now, I want:

    1 large watermelon
    1 large soccer mom
    1 medium watermelon

    Thanks! Keep up the good work Hannah!!


  20. Hannah,
    Good job on making these bracelets! We would like...
    1 small soccer mom for Parker
    3 med. watermelons for the girls
    1 large soccer mom for me

  21. Good morning! I just found your blog and love it! I am always looking for craft ideas. I am your lastest follower! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick!

    Mama Hen

  22. Hannah and Lyric, what a nice loving idea in remembrance of your aunt. All of them are so pretty, I'd like to get 2 adult ones in the watermelon design. Let me know where to send the check. Thanks! :-)

    Mary Leedy

  23. can you post again once you have the paypal account up? I tried to do a bunch of things like this when I was little and it never worked cause I never had a good way to get the word out about it. And I think that is fantastic that she came up with this :)
    So, even though I just stumleupon(ed) this page. I'd love to help the girl out :)