Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ruffle Dress {Men's shirt refashion}

I've been meaning to try another shirt dress for a while {I tried the first one about a year ago . . . here}, so I finally broke out the old shirt {and white scraps from an old bed skirt . . . I know, I save too much junk}. I wish I would have figured our her measurements a little better . . . live 'n learn, right! {Oh, and I attempted an elbow length sleeve . . . didn't quite measure right on that one either . . . just looks like I made them too short . . . sigh}
Cutting up the shirt. By the way . . . the tutorial for this shirt is found on Dana Made It {here}. I love how she adds tutorials to the stuff she makes . . . the main reason why I try to do that as much as I can here. Of course, my daughter had to be all up in the action . . . gotta love her.
All made . . . I also made her a little hair clip to match.

A little picture happy . . . can't have too many. {Okay, probably not true . . . but I DID cut back a little bit and delete a few . . . I need help}
The back . . . I decided to turn around the shirt and have the buttons go up the back. 

And that's it . . . I have a few tweaks to make. It's a little tight on the shoulders, but now I know for next time. 


  1. this is the most adorable mens shirt refashion i have ever seen...there are many out there but this is the best. you did a awesome job. your model definitely did a great job showing off your handiwork!

  2. very cute! and great idea to do ruffles down the front. Thanks for sharing with me!
    - dana

  3. super cute!!! love how the buttons go down the back. the little matching hair clippie is just precious.

  4. Ooh, I love this one. If I ever have a girl, your site is one I'll often refer to. And then I'll come over asking you to show me cause I'm not that great at ruffles and stuff!

  5. Love this refashion! Adorable, I'll have to try something similar.. love the ruffles & backwards buttons. Great job!!

  6. Cute, cute, cute! (and cute little model, too!)

  7. Oh! it's great and suits perfect to the little baby. I like the refashion of the mens shirts you have made. especially the back button strips looks good which makes the front part more effective. Better luck next time Lyric.

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