Sunday, January 3, 2010

{Special} Request

My sister Charish collapsed at work on New Years day and wasn't found until about 10-15 minutes later. She wasn't breathing and had no pulse, so paramedics came (which took another 7 minutes or so) and used the paddles on her and performed CPR. They luckily got her to come back, and rushed her to the hospital where she's been on life support. Yesterday they told us that they didn't think she had much of a chance since she had been dead for so long. Her brain activity (they think) is very low, so today we're transporting her to a better hospital where they have a really good neurologist who is going to look at her brain and tell us what kind of brain activity she has.

This of course is taking it's toll on the family. Her three young kids NEED her to pull through this, so I'm asking for your prayers! I'm a complete wreck and selfishly need her here. I don't know how I'm going to make it without her. I know that miracles happen and I'm holding on to that as tight as I possibly can, but we need the prayers. I'll come back and update what I find out today after the new dr. looks at her. Hopefully it will be some good news!! Thanks!


I just got back from saying good bye to Charish tonight. The neurologist looked at her brain scans and let us know that once the life support is removed she has 0% chance of survival. Her brain was far too damaged from the lack of oxygen. I'm beyond crushed and can't believe that she's gone. Thank you soo so so much for all of your love and prayers. I can absolutely feel the warmth of everyone. Hold your loved ones just a little tighter for me.

On a positive note, it looks like they'll be able to use her eye's, liver, pancreas, kidneys, skin, heart valves, and other things that will save a lot of people's lives . . . some tonight. That's really all that's keeping me going, imagining other people's facebook pages and blogs saying how excited they are that they finally found a match. She was such a selfless, giving person that it would be ridiculous to let her go without helping others. Again, thank you for praying for her miracle . . . instead the miracle will go to others, and for that reason alone I'm okay with her going. xo