Friday, July 22, 2011

Don't give up on me!!

Wow, life has been a major roller coaster the past couple of months. The biggest blog set back lately {aside from summer of course} was that we were forced out of the house we were renting. The owners had to move back in and gave us 30 days to find something . . . only thing is . . . we couldn't find a THING!! So frustrating. Luckily we found something when we had a week left to get out. Big. Relief. SO, we held a garage sale to put toward our charity organization, Charish's Hope {}, and made $300. Awesome! The next day, our house flooded . . . total bummer seeing as we only had a week left in there! Next day . . . my car got broken in to where I stupidly left my purse WITH the $300 fundraised money. REALLY!!?? Not only that but after my sister passed away I decided to use her wallet where I kept a few special things . . . like pictures of us etc. All of which was taken. Sad day for me . . . nonetheless life has been crazy with all of that junk {replacing EVERYthing basically. Who doesn't keep everything in their diaper bag?}and with the move . . . I truly H.A.T.E moving . . . things of the "crafting" nature have taken a back burner. So today I decided to get on and post something that I had done and never posted, only to find that the computer that actually works when I try to download pictures, in fact does NOT work. Sigh . . . so here we are, on the computer that "works" but doesn't work for what I need it to. I am in serious need of fixing that stinking computer so that I can get back to doing what I love to do while sharing my ideas with you.

So . . . I'm once again asking that you don't give up on me. Someday I WILL get my act together. Until then . . . please hang tight! Thank you!!!