Friday, November 12, 2010

Advent {Calendar} Day 2

Day two and we've completed three pockets and started three more. So on top of the two I made yesterday {both white with red polka dots} we have 5 completed . . . 20 more to go.
I made the green with lime green polka dots the same as yesterday. I traced the dots using a poker chip {out of everything I could find that was the best size, but you obviously can use anything or even free hand them}.

My girls made the other two. My 9 year old made the ice skate {it's hard to see but there are two snow flakes above the skate}, and my 6 year old made the present. I cut out a piece of paper for each of them the exact size of the pocket and let them design their own. Once they had them drawn out, they cut out their pictures so they could trace them onto the felt and cut them out. I think they did such a great job! And it will be fun for them to see their own creations on our calendar. They've both started another one. My 9 year old is doing stripes and my 6 year old is doing a snowman . . . both of which are turning out super cute. I have another green polka dot one going too, but ran out of lime green, so I'm throwing in a red polka dot for fun. Anything goes . . . gotta love doing your own thing instead of going off of a pattern!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Advent {Calendar}

I have been really wanting to buy an advent calendar for the past few years, and while shopping for one this year I came across this cute Pottery Barn one. I fell in love, but didn't think I could stomach spending $69 {plus shipping & handling} on something that I think I could make . . . especially when I have so. much. stuff. stashed away from old projects. {I have an extreme amount of felt left over from when I was making {this} quiet book, and have been trying to figure out what to do with it. Ah. Ha. Moment}. Anyway, so instead of posting my completed advent calendar I decided to post as I go so that, if you feel the rush that I did, you can follow along.

We only have 2 1/2 weeks left! So that's A LOT of sewing to do if we want it done in time. You in for a challenge?! I know I am! So join me, or save the ideas {if you even like them} for next year when you have a little more time.

Here's the inspiration . . . cute, right!?
I like to sketch out how I want to do things before I dive in. I decided {I think} to just make mine a square instead of a Christmas tree. Although I'm making all of the pockets first, so I can always change my mind if I feel like it. There are a few pockets that I'm not sure what to do with yet . . . but I have plenty to "use" from the Pottery Barn one. Just haven't decided yet.
I'm cutting my pockets out of felt {but am not eliminating the idea of using some scrap fabric on anything either}. Each pocket is 4" x 5 1/2". {By the way, my camera must have been on a funky setting because the red I used is NOT that bright or orange. It's just a regular deep red}. I traced my circles using a "token" {aka poker chip . . . my kids earn tokens for good behavior . . . we don't actually play poker . . . if you were wondering. lol}. I'm going to make two of these, and then two more just like this using deep green for the pocket and lime green for the polka dots.

We have 25 to make and only 19 days to do it, so I'm giving myself the goal of making at least 2 pockets a day {but shooting for more like 3} so I have time to sew them all onto the main/big fabric and stitch all of the numbers on. I'm hand stitching most of them since I run around like a crazy taxi driver all week and sit through hours of sports with my kids. I actually prefer the hand stitched look anyway {not to mention every time I try to machine stitch felt it always stretches in absurd ways}.
So good luck! Let me know if you're following along so I can post more sketches the day before of the pockets I'm going to do.

And last note: it's good to be back!