Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fabric {Flower} Tutorial

I've been meaning to make a few more flower clips for my girls out of the extra t-shirt material I have left from my sisters shirts. I made a memory quilt for her little girl {HERE} right after she passed away and couldn't get rid of the rest of it. My girls love their "Charish flowers" so I wanted to make some more. I thought I'd share how I do it.

T-shirt material is great fabric to use because it doesn't fray. I love it, but it also works well with other fabrics also. Not to mention fraying is sometimes really cute!
I'm going to apologize right now for two things . . . my lame, half polished nails, and my not so perfect pictures. My good camera is dead and the baby is being good. Didn't want to waste the opportunity to get it done so I used my junk camera. :-/
Cut out a few circles. For this one I used 6. They don't have to be perfect. I used a soda can as a template. Dr. Pepper is never far from me . . . so that was the most convenient thing. Maybe I have a problem?? ha
Cut a small circle out of felt to glue the pieces to.
Oh this picture is awful! So sorry. Fold the circle in half, and then in half-ish again. It ends quartered, but it's good to not make it perfectly quartered. I like to do it off center.
Put a dab of hot glue on the tips and glue them down onto the felt piece.
I know . . . really?! These pictures . . . sigh. I'm just trying to show them glued onto the felt circle.
Put some hot glue on top of the four already glued down . . . just in the center . . .
. . . then for your last two circles try to fold them an extra time . . . more like in half, and then thirds . . . just to give some extra swirls. Glue them down on top . . .
. . . then while the glue is still soft pinch the whole flower so that it sticks up instead of lays flat. {Does that even make sense?? My tired, new baby brain is fried.}

Once your flower is glued together, cut another felt circle . . . a little bigger than the first one so that it covers it completely. Clip your hair clip directly onto the felt circle before gluing it down. The felt in between the clip will help keep the flower from slipping in your little girls hair.
Cover the felt circle with hot glue and then center it on the back of the flower.
We love them. They're very easy and if you're not into sewing this is a great little project for you! Happy spring!!


  1. I love that you made a memory blanket for your niece and that you made hair clip flowers for your girls...such sweet treasures Lyric!

  2. making this now! Love that you used the Dr. Pepper can...ha. I miss you!

  3. Thanks for this idea, I made a really cute pink one!