Friday, March 12, 2010

Mom's Shirt = Toddler Dress {refashion}

Okay, so it seems that March has turned into my "refashion" month. It's been a lot of fun for me to spend the baby's nap time coming up with ways to turn old things new. Love the "spending no money" part of it the most. 

This time I took one of my old shirts that fit weird and turned it into a dress for my 2 year old. I started it a while ago, but decided to pull it out today and finish it. 
This is when it was a shirt . . . always bunched up funny on the top . . . so annoying. Glad to find something else to do with it.
First, I cut off the top/strap part . . . {for some reason the other picture didn't download. I cut the top straight, turned it under about 1/4" and sewed a thin seam across the top}
To make the straps I cut 2" strips, folded them in half {iron}, then opened it and folded each end into the center {iron} . . .
. . . then sewed close to each edge to make stay flat.
I made the straps a little long, so I cut the ends off and made bows with the extra . . . thought it added a little cuteness to it.
To cinch the fabric, I used an elastic thread for the bobbin thread and regular thread for the top . . . then just sewed about 1/4" strips. So so so easy.
And it's done. I didn't move pockets or anything . . . seriously easy project.

This girl loves to wear dresses!


  1. cool idea, Lyric, your giving me some great projects to start on, I have a ton of clothes that I want to do something with, and what betetr than to re-make them into something for Sydney?

  2. I love how happy she is wearing it! Good Job!

  3. Awesome! I love the little bows--adds such a nice touch. Way to be so creative!

  4. Please feel free to link your project up with my Talented Tuesday Link party on My Frugal Family, found at!

    Hope to see you there!

  5. What a cute dress! I wish I had a sewing machine so I could whip some of these up. I don't have a girl yet but I think this would make a nice gift. I I’ve got a MckLinky party called Tot Tuesdays which started on Tuesday. I hope you'll stop by & share:


  6. Super cute! I host a link party called check me out saturdays. I hope you can join us

  7. I loove this dress! You did amazing job! I am hosting my first link party right now. I would love to have you over! :)

  8. Oh that's great! I did something similar this week and love the idea too of taking old things and making them new again!

  9. I have this same shirt! It did the same thing to I gave it to a friend...I want to ask for it back!

  10. I love the colors and how you added a pocket. Too darling! My baby girl needs one!

  11. I have that shirt! Mine bunches up oddly too. It looks cute as a dress.