Thursday, March 11, 2010

{Another} Ruffle Shirt {refashion}

I've had a sick baby all week, so we've been cooped up at home . . . and instead of going bonkers I decided to make some time for ME, something I never do . . . but I should.

This time I took one of my old shirts that had a hole in it . . . another almost throw away. I just used it as a total experiment since I have no idea what I'm doing when there is no pattern involved.
Here it is . . . the guinea pig . . . 
Cut off the sleeves and down the seams . . .
 . . . then traced one of my 8 year olds t-shirts for a "pattern" on how big/small to cut it.
Took off all of the buttons and sewed down where the buttons were holding it together . . . then cut the sleeves down a little to make them her size . . . and successfully sewed them back on! {I think I'll make myself some brownies to reward that one}
. . . then cut three strips out of the material I cut off when making it her size . . . one to cover the hole {for some reason it didn't show up in the picture}, one to cover where the buttons were and one to even everything out.
Then as I sewed down the strips I tucked, sewed, tucked, sewed . . . {great instructions, right! haha}
And this is it, before any tweaks . . . which are definitely needed! But I'm proud of myself for putting it all back together! Next time it might actually fit right! :/


  1. VERY IMPRESSIVE! I wasn't expecting you to take the whole shirt apart when you first said you made another one...WAY TO GO!!

  2. I love it! You are so good! I need you to come raid my closet (or my husband's) and do shirt refashions for me! :)

  3. That's some awesome sewing there!! I hope you were serious about the brownies, because you deserve them!