Monday, December 28, 2009

{New} Years Resolutions . . . LOTS of them

{Warning: this post is long and probably doesn't interest you . . . but I needed to put it somewhere!}

So, normally I wouldn't share my resolutions . . . but I'm thinking it might keep me motivated to know that other people know what they are . . . maybe! I feel like every day I come up with something else I need to work on. This girl is FAR from perfect . . . sigh. So here we go. I plan on checking in with myself on the first of every month to see how I'm doing and if I need to do better {which I'm sure will be the latter}.

~ I am AWFUL at keeping up with "the basics" . . . saying daily prayers and reading scriptures, SO one of my more important resolutions this year is to say my morning & evening prayers and to read my scriptures at least once a day. Isn't it so obvious that life goes more smoothly and you're more patient when you keep up with these two simple things?! It is for me anyway. I found this reading chart that I'm going to print out and keep out in the open . . . I'm thinking I'll print one out for my 8 year old too. 

~ Next, I have WAY. TOO. MUCH. crafty "stuff" that I just HAD to have, and then ended up doing nothing with . . . SO I am going to make something at least twice a week {my life gets overwhelmingly busy sometimes and I sometimes go a month without doing anything "fun"} and share a tutorial for each thing on my blog. I am really big about doing tutorials. I hate when you see something cute on a blog and then you have to go buy the pattern/directions. I've stolen enough ideas from other people over the years and it's time I give something back.

~ I used to have a daily photo blog where I would take a picture, no matter what, and post it on my blog every day. My life has dealt me some pretty lame stuff this year and I've gone away from doing it, SO my plan is to get back into the "daily photo groove". I love to look back and remember the little things in my life. And, to go along with this one, I am going to write in my journal every day using this website. Super easy way to keep up with journaling . . . you can even have reminders sent to your email when you've missed a day, or a week . . . whatever. Then you can have it printed into a hardback "regular" size book.

~ Christmas Eve I lost my grandma . . . a grandma who I used to be really close to but for one reason or another we haven't spoken in almost 10 years. I have felt like I should probably reconnect, but never did . . . and {for now} it's too late to do that. SO one of my resolutions is to strengthen my relationships with my loved ones. Life is too short to be selfish. I plan on writing {like on real paper with a real pen . . . no emailing - that's so impersonal I think} a card every Sunday to someone in my life. Strengthening relationships is really what this life is all about . . . it's about time I take that seriously.

~ I LOVE a clean and organized house, so I'm going to keep it that way. I started today on seriously going through every drawer, closet, nook & cranny to get rid of the "junk" that has piled up all over the place. There's no need for so much stuff, and I'm learning that organizing your space and making it more usable makes the entire family happier and less stressed out about life. I know it sounds weird, but it's SO true . . . try it.

~ And last, but probably most important - I'm going to spend much more quality time with my beautiful girls. They deserve much more than what they're getting. I don't even read to them anymore! I've become quite the pathetic mother and I know that that HAS to change before they lose interest in loving me just because I'm their mom. 

So there it is . . . a lot to swallow, but I know that if I do these things I will be a happier, and more patient person. Here's to a new year. 2009 was awful for me . . . I'm REALLY excited for a fresh start! What are your resolutions? Figured them out yet??

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