Friday, December 11, 2009

I {LOVE} this!

I saw this great tutorial {here} a while ago at UK lass in US, and liked it, but wasn't sure how I wanted to make it or which child I would make it for. Then today on Ucreate I saw it this way . . . a Critter Condo. This is PERFECT for my kids! I know I only have a week left but I really want to try to make it before Friday. And hopefully, if it's easy enough I'll make two of them for my two older girls.
This is the doll house version . . . and you can see more examples of what others have done on Uk lass in US's flicker group {here}.


  1. these are so adorable...wish i had the time to make something like this for my daughter she would love it

  2. Such a cute idea!!! Gotta keep this one in mind for birthdays. Thanks!

  3. totally cute but really... my energy just goes down the drain when I look at how much time it would take me to make those.