Thursday, October 8, 2009

Memory Quilt {sneak peek}

Okay, well I finally started sewing together my memory quilt {and let me tell you ... this is a PROJECT! If the fabric is knit ... t-shirt material ... then I have to use fusible interfacing so they wont stretch too much.}. I'm excited how the first block turned out ... I'm only hoping I can pull this off!

I really have been struggling letting go of all of my girls' baby clothes ... kind of sad for me since we wont have any more kids. So I decided to keep them and cut them up for a quilt.

I took a "before" picture of most of the clothes I'm using.
Here is my first square. I'm going to do each block like this, only on every other block the outside border is going to be white. I'm going to try to coordinate each square, but as far as all of the blocks going together ... they wont.

Here are some of the clothes I used ...
{All of my girls wore this one. There are only a few things that they all wore, so I'm really trying to use those pieces!}

{This one I only used the end of one of the sleeves - so far - for the "pretty" tag}


  1. oh are so brave!! that block is gorgeous...

  2. You are amazing!! I LOVE it! How do you find the time?!?! If I would get off the computer, I might have the time :P No, I wouldn't.

  3. I really don't have the time. Just what you see has taken me weeks. I've been slowly cutting clothes {cutting on the seams of clothes and taking off snaps, etc to make them more "fabric like"}. This is going to take me a long time ... unless I start working on it while watching tv at night!! I worked on it today while Charly was sleeping ... which explains my messy house. WHATEV!

  4. Oooo...I love the idea! And I love how the first block turned out. You are ambitious! Did you ever finish your scrap quilt? I am still working on mine, but keep getting distracted with other projects. This memory quilt is an excellent idea! Can't wait to see how it looks!

  5. It's looking great! I didn't realize how many clothes you had. Good job on it so far!

  6. Oh, this one is going to be a sweet one, Lyric. I remember some of those outfits! Your girls were so sweet in them. What a great idea. Now who gets to keep this one when you're gone? I guess you will have to make three of them huh? :D

  7. No Jen, it'll just have to be a family quilt. One of these will be plenty. ;)