Saturday, October 17, 2009

{No Sew} Tutu

I made my 19 month old a tutu for her Halloween costume last night and she wore it all morning. I love how easy these tutu's are ... and they really are "new sew" ... except of course for sewing the elastic together to make the loop.
The journey ...

I bought 5 yards of tulle, and for as fluffy as I wanted it I should have gotten more like 5 1/2.
Cut 4" strips, then cut the strips into thirds {20" long}. This is for a baby, so for a bigger girl you can just cut them in half {30" long}. It's really all up to you how long you want it ... just remember that you're going to be folding them in half!
Stack up a few strips evenly {depending on how fluffy you want it, add as many or as little as you want}. For this tutu I used 6 strips {when folded in half it makes 12}.
Put your fingers through the loop to grab on to the ends ...
grab the ends ... 
and pull through.
Position the grouping, then pull tight. {FYI ... I don't sew the elastic into a loop until the end because it tends to stretch when you tighten the knots}.
Once you have as many groupings as you need to fit around your child, sew the ends of the elastic together. {I usually add one more grouping to cover the rest of the elastic ... then shift some around to make them all even}.
My sweet girl showing off her new tutu {I asked her to say "cheese" and instead of her smiling while saying it, she just said it, resulting in a goofy mouth. ha}
The beginning of Alice {in Wonderland}. Now I need to make a white apron and black head band. Almost there ...


  1. this is adorable...i can not wait to see the completed costume

  2. I had to come see your sweet babe after you told me about this one. That is going to be the cutest Alice I've seen, for realsies!

  3. haha! Two of my friends and I totally just made ourselves these TuTu's last night! We are going as a flock of birds for halloween and decided we needed TuTus to complete the look!

    She looks adorable, and that blue is a soooo gorgeous!