Monday, September 14, 2009

Memory Quilt ... ??

So my husband & I have decided not to have anymore kids, and I have been going back & forth on what to do with all of these totes and boxes and bags of outgrown baby clothes. I have decided that I really want to make a quilt of some sort, but not sure what to do exactly.

SO my question is ... have you ever made one? I don't want it to just be patchwork squares, because I'm going to have a lot of items that I wont be able to get a full square out of. I'm thinking a log cabin quilt?? What have you done, or do you have any idea on what I should do??

Hit me with some ideas!! Thanks!!

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  1. Wow I would have loved to do a memory quilt, for my kids, out of their clothes. You could use some of them as background in a scrapbook with a picture of them wearing the item. Use Wonder Under to fuse the fabric to cardstock.

    Our church had a clothes swap, which made everybody happy. Everybody brought something to swap and we laid out table based on sizes, and then we each picked out stuff from the tables. I got a great denim skirt. You could have a kids clothes swap and passed them on to other Moms. I get a kick out of seeing someone in a skirt I bought and worn once, then decided it wasn't for me (it had flounces). She loves it and wears it regularly like I do my new skirt.