Monday, July 6, 2009

Camera Strap

I've been wanting to make a strap for my camera for a while, but have been consumed with my 9 patch quilt, so now that I'm frustrated with the quilt I decided to put it aside and do something seriously easy. I followed the tutorial on Make It and Love It somewhat. The only thing I really changed was the fabric. I wanted it to be one fabric, which was even easier. 

I bought this black & white fabric to make a pillow for my daughters bed, but I had plenty and I love it.

After measuring the strap and doubling it, then adding about an inch it was 4" wide. After it was cut I ironed on some fusible interfacing for added reinforcement.
You'll want to cut the fabric 1/2" or so longer than the strap so you can tuck it under for the last step.
I failed to take pictures of the strap after I sewed it. You'll want to sew the strap right sides facing each other, then turn it right side out. Put a safety pin on one end of your camera strap and pull it through, being careful not to rip the interfacing inside. After pulling it through, tuck the ends under and sew directly onto the strap right under the leather piece, NOT on the leather.

I'm happy with how it turned out! It was so easy!


  1. SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!! I wish I knew how to sew. Sometimes I think if I could just get a hold of a sewing machine, I might be able to figure a couple of things out- I'm sure it is not that easy though. I have a strong desire to be crafty, I just don't have the skills.