Thursday, June 25, 2009

Apple Pie Apples

My absolute FAVORITE treat is the Apple Pie Apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I really could eat one every day, but at around $7 a pop it doesn't fit in my budget. I was craving one on Saturday, so instead of spending $7 on one, I spent around $10 on 8 ... not bad. I decided to try two different kinds of apples; the traditional Granny Smith green apple, and a sweeter one (can't remember the name, but they taste about the same as Pink Lady apples). I prefer the sweeter one, but my husband prefers the Granny Smith. They're both good.
I melted two bags of caramels and had a little left over. We'll probably use it for ice cream or for dipping sliced apples another time.

After the caramel, I dipped each one in white chocolate, and then a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon. They didn't exactly turn out as pretty as Rocky Mountain's, but they were SO good! 

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