Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Charly's Crib Quilt

My mom made my 13 month old, Charlise a twin size quilt, and I LOVE the fabric. There was quite a bit extra, so I decided to make her a crib size quilt using the same fabric so that I don't have to wait until she gets a "big girl bed" for her to use it. While I've made quite a few baby quilts in the past, this is my first attempt at machine quilting. I really like how it turned out. It's actually opened up a can of worms because now I want to make her a crib bumper and skirt to match ... both of which I've never made. I just hope I can do it without messing up. We shall see ...

The journey ...
Laying out the squares and beginning to piece it all.
The first look at a completed top.
I bought this purple-ish polka dot fabric a while ago because I liked it, and decided that since it was in the quilt I would use it as the back. Only thing ... it was about 5 inches too short. I had to go buy 1/3 of a yard more. I hate almost finishing something and having to stop because of lack of materials.
My friend, Lindsay, was nice enough to let me use her sewing machine to quilt it. I was just going to use a straight stitch and "stitch in the ditch", but I thought this wavy line was so cute ...
A look at the back after I was done quilting it.
Sewing on the binding. I have never used black in a baby quilt, but I really like it. 
After the binding was sewn on and before the hand stitching to complete it.

The long and tedious process of hand stitching all the way around the binding to finish it off.
And three days later I finished. I've never finished a quilt in three days! I'm proud of myself and happy that it actually lays flat ... this would be a first for me!
More of the finished product ...
and another one ...
And one more!


  1. I am so impressed, I wish I had the time to make a quilt for Sariah

  2. LOL ... thanks Ryan! :) I'm sure that you must really be Cristina ... or you're turning crafty!

  3. soooo adorable lyric! i love quilting! congrats on you first machine quilting--it can be a lot of fabric to squish into a machine--and yours looks soooooo gorgeous! YEAY!


  4. That is adorable. I didn't know you were so crafty :) I have dreams of being crafty, maybe I'll watch you for a while until it rubs off on me :)

  5. So cute!! I love black and white for babies blankets! You are very talented, WAY TO GO!!!

  6. Wow! I am so lucky to call you my friend- you are so talented and creative! I love the quilt, the blog, everything!
    To Ryan: I would really love to see what a quilt you made would look like. With your personality and sense of humor, I am sure it would be something very unique and quite a sight to see!

  7. Okay, even though the site is dorky...I love the quilt!!! Wish I could figure out how to be crafty... I'm so impressed!!! (oh, and I'm teasing about the dorky part, of course!!)